Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Blog, New Thoughts, New Ideas

Okay, this is my second attempt at a blog. I'm hoping I can actually stay motivated with this one and keep it updated fairly often.

The purpose of this blog is to have a place for me to spill my thoughts, ideas, and my crafty hobbies (there may be advertising for Etsy listings, so don't shoot me, please). You may find me rambling on about anything ranging from video games to music to anime to movies to websites to various art mediums and styles. Maybe even politics or religion. PFFFFFFFFFFFT. Yeah, probably not those last two things. I may even post patterns and other freebies for all you peeps out there.

Do keep in mind that everything I may talk about in future posts are my own opinions. That doesn't make them right or wrong, or more or less important than your own. I encourage people to comment and state their own opinions or corrections, preferably in a calm and well educated manner so that there's no pointless fighting on teh interwebz. If you're going to troll, do it somewhere else, okay?

As I stated previously, this will also most likely be used for advertising space. I have a deviantART page found HERE as well as an Etsy shop found HERE. I'll just occasionally link or talk about new things I've added to either site to get attention for myself.

Also, I'm a really big Pokemon nerd and there may be gushing. I apologize in advance.

So, without further ado...let the blogging begin.

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