Friday, April 25, 2014

Kawaii Star Keychain Pattern

Hi, people. It's been forever since I've written another post, but since I've had people asking me about this pattern, I thought I'd get my butt in gear and actually get it typed out. So, let's get started. This is what we're making! (PS. You can click the pic to see the etsy listing if you're not crochet savvy but still want one of these cuties.)

Here's what you'll need:
  • Size E/4 crochet hook
  • Worsted weight yarn of your preferred color
  • Your preferred stuffing material
  • 9-10mm solid black plastic safety eyes
  • Small length of chain
  • Split key ring
  • Pink fabric marker
 I join my rounds for this project, but you don't have to.

Front/Back: Make 2

Rnd 1: 5sc in magic ring (5sc)

Rnd 2: inc in each sc (10sc)

Rnd 3: [sc, inc] 5 times (15sc)

*3sc, ch 1, turn (3sc)

3sc, ch 1, turn (3sc)

dec across all three sc^ (1sc)*

^To do the decrease, insert the hook into the first sc and pull up a loop. Insert the hook into the next sc and pull up another loop. Then insert the hook into the last sc and pull up another loop so there is a total of four loops, then yarn over and pull through all the loops on the hook.



Fasten off, reattach yarn in the next free sc of your circle.
Repeat ** for each of the remaining points, don't fasten off after the 5th point.
Instead, ch 1 and then sc around the whole star evenly for one row and fasten off.
Attach two eyes to your front side and then sew the front and back together with wrong sides together, using the front loops from either side only.


Don't forget to stuff before completely closing up your seam.
After it's all sewn up, sew your bit of chain to the top of the star and add a little "blush" to its cheeks with your fabric marker. And then you're done! Super easy.

If you have any problems or questions, just let me know. Enjoy!

Until next time,