Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Creepy Music, Plushies, and Awesome Soda

Welp, it's 1 am. And what am I doing up at 1 am when I have work tomorrow and should probably be trying to catch up on sleep? Except not really because I'm a borderline insomniac... I am listening to the Lavender Town theme from the original Pokemon Gameboy games. THAT'S RIGHT, THE STUFF CREEPYPASTAS ARE BORN FROM. But it's not just the theme. It's one I composed to sound kind of like a music box. And it's creepy. But soothing. But still creepy. And you can listen to that right over HERE to fuel your own nightmares and creepypastas. Or because it's cool. I dunno.

And what am I doing while listening to this awesome retro creepy music? I'm making a new plushie. AND IT'S POKEMON RELATED! c wut i did thar? Well, technically, it's already made. Since I just finished it. And you should totally check it out, by the way. SHAMELESS PLUG YEAH!

Ahem. I apologize for that. I think I might have a bit of a sugar high. Why, you may ask?

...Jolly Rancher soda. Yes. This is like the best thing ever. Tastes pretty much just like the candy, but in that carbonated liquidy sugary goodness that fuels the sleepless nights of gamer geeks. This particular one I have right now is Green Apple and it is delicious. And is making me hyper.

I'm really hoping that all my blog posts won't be late night sugar-fueled babbling...

Okay, I'll shut up now. Until next time!

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