Wednesday, February 13, 2013

AlmaCon 2013 Success

February 8th through the 10th, I was in Alma, Michigan at the college there for AlmaCon 2013. I brought a big box full of my plushies to represent my business, Moony's Plush Plaza! I met many new faces and recognized some from previous conventions, and I got quite a bit of attention. I was very happy and made over $600 in sales due to some very nice people buying my wares. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by my table!
Until next time,


  1. Just found your profile. These plushies are so cool ^_^ Haha, I love Sailor Moon, Ponies and PPF Girls :D (even though I'm almost 30 :P )
    You're awesome, I don't realy have much time to crochet anymore but maybe in 100 yrs or so... :P Anyway, Grat work!!!